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What are our terms of service?

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How big are your classes?

We run very small classes. Our skills are done in small groups of 3. This way no one falls though the cracks and gets left behind. 

Are your instructors your employees?

​No. Many of them are merchants (or independent businesses)  with their own cards and official from Training centers who list, set class prices and provide equipment. This is a very common practice in our industry. We only bring in the best instructors who follow all the rules, are certified, kind and professional. They are highly motivated and willing to teach verses an hourly employee who simply "punches the clock". Our goal is to provide the best and lowest price classes possible. They issue your cards directly though AHA or NREMT. We don't allow rude instructors to teach or ones that spend the whole day telling "War stories". We teach you want you need, preform the required skills and get you though it. We are normally half the price of everyone else and this practice is one of the many reasons why.

No Stress EMS has and claims no right to AHA products.

No Stress rents the classrooms to Instructors who own Training Sites/Centers and who are AHA or NREMT  providers.

They issue your AHA or NREMT approved cards the day of class and pay only rent to No Stress EMS for the classroom.

No Stress EMS Allows these instructors to teach and issue cards under AHA or NREMT Training Centers.  

What happens if I'm late to a class?

That is not an issue. Please text ahead of time to let us know if you think you will be late. We are Firefighters, Paramedics, and Nurses. We understand people get held over or are late. We can stay longer after class if we need to make up time. We work for, and around, your needs.

If I can't make a class, how do I cancel?
Just contact us as soon as you know you cannot make it. We will reschedule your class at no extra charge. As a courtesy to instructors and other students that may want to take the class when classes are full, please let us know at least 12 hours before the class starts. This will allow us to fill the empty seat and also allow us to fit someone else in who may need the class!

Do you cancel classes?
No. We work for you. We will never waste your time. The class dates are set in stone and, unlike other training centers, we will teach a class even if there is only 1 student.

What is your contact info?

(Text or call)

Elk grove (916) 601-9653

9245 Laguna Springs Dr

Elk Grove Ca 95758 Suite 200

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Are you American Heart certified?


(New window click the class that you want info on)

Will I get my card the day of the class?

Yes! Most of the time the cards are provided the day of the class by email. If not it will be provided with in a few days and you will also get a completion certificate while waiting that will provide proof of certificate. All cards are now E-Cards. Your employer will be able to verify your card. IF YOU PUT YOUR EMAIL IN WRONG YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR CARD. Take the time and make sure your email is right and your spam filters are low. If you loose your ecard in your spam box the instructor will resend it.

How do I sign up for a class?  

1) Go to Class Scheduling and click the card of the class you need. one the Page you will see all FAQ for that class.

READ BEFORE CALLING OR TEXTING. You will be sent to the page if you ask a question that's on the page!

3) For On Demand Classes - ​Taught by Request ( NRP, ITLS, AMLS AND PHTLS)

  • Contact us and we will schedule you for your ITLS, AMLS or ITLS or PHTLS Class by texting (916) 601 9653.
  • We make every attempt to accommodate your schedule. 

For students who only need skills text (916)601-9653.

Your online part 1 must be done before skills session. We can fit you in in MOST cases same day 7 days a week.

How do I pay for a class?  

Pay for your class with the following options:
 1) Pay with cash or VENMO, in person, the day of the class.

If there's a problem how do I fix it?

Just call or Text (916) 601 9653. We will address any issue quickly. We care about you and we want you to be taken care of ASAP. NO STRESS!

What if I cant find my E-card in my email?

The E-Card? 

If its after 3 business days.

Text your full name,

Email address,

day/type of class and instructor name to 

(916) 601 9653.


Your card will be resent to you. This is normally an email issue check your spam filter settings. 

SIGN UP EARLY IN THE MONTH! Class sizes are smaller and you will be done faster vs larger classes done later in the month. 

Can I test out? 

NO! Don't ask!

Its Illegal and we won't do it. If you call asking to test out we will hang up on you.