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Acknowledgement of Attendee’s Responsibility to Claim Certification Cards

All attendees of classes at No Stress EMS Training (NSEMST) hereby acknowledge that all American Heart Association (AHA) certification cards are issued electronically, via email, and that hard copy cards are no longer issued. All attendees hereby acknowledge that they are responsible for providing an accurate email address.

AHA cards are sent to class attendees within one (1) to five (5) business days (i.e., Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and holidays) of course completion. We always do our best to get you your card ASAP. The cards are sent from AHA via email, so we are at the mercy of their system as are all Training Centers. If your email is wrong, your card will be delayed. All class attendees acknowledge that they are responsible for claiming their cards in a timely fashion after course completion. If the card was not received within five (5) days of course completion, it is the responsibility of the attendee to TEXT NSEMST (916) 601-9653 as soon as possible, but within a maximum of ninety (90) days of course completion, to initiate the process to resend/reissue the card. Inquiries to reissue cards that are received after ninety (90) days will not be completed due to delinquency on the part of the class attendee. If a class attendee has been delinquent in doing their due diligence in claiming the card within ninety (90) days, the attendee will be required to retake the class to receive a new card. (We hold the option to issue your card after 90 days under our free will, This is to encourage you to claim your card early so we are not stuck 6 months from now trying to track down your card) 

Inquiries to reissue cards must be made during normal business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), Monday through Friday. Reissuing cards often requires coordination with NSEMST’s AHA representative and, sometimes, with the AHA.  Therefore, any requests made after normal business hours or on the weekend or holidays will be initiated on the next business day.

The attendee will be required to supply pertinent information so that NSEMST can facilitate the process of having your card reissued. You must supply this information, as requested. Missing and extraneous information will delay your request. Once NSEMST receives this pertinent information, it can take up to one (1) to five (5) business days (excluding weekends and holidays) to receive your card.

 We do everything in our power to help you. Any issues will be addressed and taken care of ASAP. We truly care about you.

We have people from other companies that are our competitors, That sit for classes and then write bad reviews online. For this reason be fully aware that slander and libel will be addressed with immediate litigation. This includes word of mouth, filing false reports, Yelp or any social media.  We don’t deserve or will tolerate competitors attacking us because of our low prices and their greed. Any person posing as a student with the main motive to file a report, false report or engage in any conduct besides becoming certified will be litigated.  

Lastly, class attendees hereby acknowledge that they are responsible for competing the classes they need so that they can receive their card within a timeframe that is conducive to meeting work and certification requirements before their cards expire. NSEMST is not responsible for any class attendee’s inability to meet these professional and personal deadlines due to inadequate planning on the part of the responsible class attendee, nor is NSEMST responsible for any repercussions a class attendee may face as a result of a responsible attendee’s inadequate planning.By signing below, each attendee acknowledges that they have thoroughly read and understand the attendee’s responsibility to claim their certification card.